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Faction Before Blood - Divergent Movie Review
By: Grecia 
★★★★ (four stars)
      Based on the bestselling novel by Veronica Roth, Divergent is situated in the future in a dystopian Chicago. 
       In this society, lives Beatrice Prior, later known as Tris, a sixteen year old born Abnegation girl who has to make a decision that changes her world completely. 
    On a particular date she has to take a test that defines which faction she should choose. She has to decide between five factions that determine where she will live forever. She can either choose to be Abnegation and stay with her family and everyone she has ever known, or transfer to a new faction all by herself.
      She has to choose a faction that truly represents her character. She can either be a Candor the truthful, or Abnegation the selfless, Dauntless the courageous, Amity the peaceful, or Erudite the intelligent. Beatrice chooses a faction that astonishes many including her family. 
     Millions of fans who read the novel eagerly waited for this movie to see if it would live up to their expectations. 
     For many the cast had to be the perfect representation of the novel’s description and it is evident that the cast was exceptionally chosen.The characters were well developed especially the protagonist, Shailene Woodley, who made a striking Tris and Theo James was the perfect role for the undeniable gorgeous Four!
     From the beginning to the end of the movie the setting was completely fantastic. In addition the costumes were unique in their own special way such as the faction’s costumes who wore different colors that represented which faction they belonged to.
     The music soundtrack played in the background throughout the movie was outstanding, it made every action, romantic and tear – dropping scene more powerful. 
   Although the setting, cast and music were exceptional, the movie didn’t contain many of the details that were portrayed in the novel, which disappointed many fans. 
   Overall, Divergent was an action packed movie that didn’t quite reach the standards set for it by the novel but brought the new dystopian world to those who were not yet familiar with it. 

One Choice…
One Choice, decided your friends.
One Choice, defines your beliefs.
One Choice, determines your loyalties. Forever.


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